Kantipur Report

The provide of petroleum fuels inside the capital partly resumed from Wednesday right after the government and petroleum suppliers reached an understanding yesterday. The tankers filled with petrol reached the capital this morning from Birgunj.

22 petrol tankers and 20 diesel-laden tankers have already arrived at Nepal Oil Corporations' Thankot Petrol Depot.

Similarly, petroleum items dealers have also imported 9 tankers of petrol from Amlekhgunj today.

"Some with the tankers have already been sent to different petrol pumps inside the valley," NOC's spokesperson Ichhya Bikram Thapa said.

The NOC informed that when the price of import continues on the present speed, then the supply of petroleum products would resume generally once more from Friday inside the capital.

144 KL of petrol pumped out in Valley

Following the withdrawal of transportation strike, which enabled movement of petroleum ferrying tankers, Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) Tuesday pumped out 144,000 liters of petrol in the market.

According to NOC officials, the Thankot depot issued 84,000 liters of petrol to private refilling stations, and further 60,000 liters towards the five refilling stations run by army, police, armed police force and Sajha.

"About 17 private dealers received fuel following 4 in the evening," mentioned Sharad Bhandari montblanc replicas watches , common secretary of Nepal Petroleum Dealers Association.

However, on getting news of distribution, long queues of automobiles had already built at the petrol pumps extended ahead of they received fuel. In case of some petrol pumps, like in Pulchowk, Bhadrakali and Chabahil, queues have been longer than a kilometer.

Amid difficulty faced in handling the irked consumers and thinking about the scuffle recorded in Bhadrakali the day before, dispensing pump manager at 3 Brothers Oil in New Baneshwor distributed fuel in presence of security personnel.

NOC spokesperson Ichha Bikram Thapa told The Kathmandu Post that the fuel on transit started arriving within the Valley late within the afternoon. "We diverted all of these for the market straight, as well as issued a couple of tanker load of petrol from Thankot depot," stated he.

He elaborated that the NOC has currently made arrangement to receive 72,000 liters of petrol from Amlekhgunj and 200,000 liters of petrol from Raxaul on Wednesday.

"We also anticipate to receive more 38,000 liters of petrol, which was en-route to Kathmandu, tomorrow," said he.

Despite all efforts of your corporation, nonetheless, the officials stated it has nevertheless failed to convince the Indian supplier to provide fuel towards the needed level to Nepal.

On ground of non-payment of past dues, which runs over Rs 4.50 billion, Indian Oil Corporation has curtailed fuel supply to NOC. Within the final week, NOC received an typical of 1,200 kiloliters of petroleum products per day, which was mere 60 % with the day-to-day requirement.

While that negatively impacted replenishment of fuel stock, montblanc knockoffs the government on Monday has decided to extend Rs 1.70 billion in loans to the corporation to pay the import bills and develop a stock ladies montblanc replica . u-boat italo fontana

NOC presently has about 450 kiloliters of petrol in stock at Thankot. Whilst some 150 KL of that remains inside the pipeline and can't be utilized (dead stock), it cannot distribute additional 200 KL on ground of sustaining stock for emergency (strategic stock).

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